About Our Detroit Sporting Events Party Bus

Detroit sporting events are one of the things that our city is best known for, and if you live in the area, it's likely that you're an absolute fanatic about your favorite team! Maybe you love Detroit Pistons basketball at The Palace of Auburn Hills. (Deee-troit basketbaaaalll!!!) Maybe the Detroit Red wings are more your style, hitting the puck hard and showing hockey fans how it's done at Joe Louis Arena. Perhaps the Detroit Tigers playing baseball at Comerica Park is your favorite, which is likely since baseball is America's favorite pastime! Or maybe the Detroit Lions are still your favorite after all these years, playing hard at Ford Field and taking on all the best teams!

Regardless of which team is your top pick, or if they all make your list of beloved teams, you can be sure that our 30 passenger party bus is the best transportation for your group outings to the games, and we hope that you'll consider our services next time you're out and about for Detroit sporting events!

Bring Comfort to Your Detroit Sporting Events Travel Time

All of us love to watch the games from the comfort of our own homes, but what if you could bring some of that comfort with you to the game at the stadium? In fact, what if you could bring even MORE comfort with you on the road? Think it's not possible? Think again! With our 30 passenger party bus, you can travel in what amounts to a rolling luxury suite! Our buses feature incredibly comfortable leather sofa seating, built-in bars with coolers to stock all your favorite drinks (we provide cups and ice for you), and gorgeous LED and fiber optic lighting schemes.

For your entertainment on the way to the game, you can watch live HD broadcasts in our buses that are equipped with HD antennas (note that this will only work when the bus is parked, but when the bus is in motion you can take advantage of your favorite sports highlights DVDs!). If you prefer to jam to your favorite tunes, just bring your favorite CDs with you, or even better, bring your iPod or MP3 player which hooks up easily to our system. You can enjoy all your favorite playlists on the go while chilling in the utmost luxury. What could be better?

Imagine a Detroit Pistons Party Bus Trip

For a Detroit Pistons fan and all of his or her friends, there's nothing better than renting a 30 passenger party bus and going all out before and after the game! Our home games are always exciting, and traveling to The Palace of Auburn Hills to watch your favorite basketball players work the court is always a great night out. There's nothing else like having one of the best seats in the house, and having your own professional chauffeur to take you and your friends there without all the typical travel worries. Hate being stuck in traffic as you approach The Palace? You won't hate it when you're partying hard on our luxurious party bus! After the game we suggest checking out The Palace Grille for a bite to eat, and perhaps heading out to some of the best bars and clubs in the area (we suggest The Post Bar and/or Hoops Sports & Spirits!). You can party as hard as you want to without having to worry about driving home or having a designated driver. It doesn't get any better than that.

Enjoy a Detroit Tigers Party Bus Trip

There's nothing else like heading out to Comerica Park to watch the Detroit Tigers do what they do best. The only thing that can spoil an otherwise perfect day at the stadium is having to worry about traffic and parking! You can completely eliminate those worries by traveling in our 30 passenger party bus. You can gather a huge group of your friends together and all head out to the game, and if you guys have kids then it's even better because there's plenty of room for everybody to travel together, and you can show them just why baseball is still America's favorite pastime! After the game, win or lose, you can celebrate or salvage the night by heading out to your favorite restaurant with the kids, or if you didn't bring the kids, to your favorite bars in the area. We love Bookies Bar & Grill for all our after-game festivities and we're sure you will too.

Hit the Ice with a Detroit Red Wings Party Bus Trip

For Detroit Red Wings fans, the best way to spend an evening is at Joe Louis Arena, affectionately known as "The Joe," watching our city's most hardworking hockey players slice up the ice and get the job done for Detroit! One of the best things about heading out to Joe Louis in a party bus is that you get that "watching the game at home" comfort while on the bus, and then the supreme entertainment that you deserve once you get to the game. HD is nice and all, but it can't compare to the real thing! After the game, our suggestion for a great hangout spot would have to be Hockeytown Cafe, and a close second is Cheli's Chili Bar! Why not visit both? Especially since you don't have to pay for parking twice since you're in a party bus!

Head Out to Ford Field for a Detroit Lions Party Bus Trip

The Detroit Lions work hard and play hard at Ford Field in Detroit, and next time you're heading out to one of the games, you should definitely consider splurging on some truly luxurious travel in our 30 passenger party bus. Since we'll be picking you up and dropping you off right there at Ford Field, you can skip all thoughts of exorbitant parking fees and/or battling traffic, and just focus on having a great time at the game. What's our after-game choice for drinks and entertainment? Definitely the Detroit Beer Company. We've always had great times there both during and after the games, and we're certain that you will too!

Ready to Book That 30 Passenger Party Bus?

Whenever you are ready to talk to us about booking our bus for your next Detroit sporting event, just give us a quick call at 248-630-5605! We can't wait to discuss all our options with you and to put together the kind of sporting trip that you and all your friends will really enjoy!