About The 35 Passenger Party Bus

Below you will find images of our 35 passenger. The interior has tinted windows for privacy. This one is luxuriously equipped with leather seating for 35 people. It has multiple televisions and a DVD player. There is a CD player with iPod capabilities and Bluetooth connect for your music. For additional entertainment possibilities, this vehicle comes equipped with a stripper stage, and a dancing pole. You can bring your own drinks and store them the cooler that's built right in. Don't worry, we supply the ice. We have comfortable custom leather seating with cup holders behind them in case you need to set down your drinks. You'll also enjoy the colorful lighting effects.

Popular Uses

Corporate Outings

Sometimes you just need to track down transportation arrangements for a whole bunch of people, with our roomy 35 passenger this will make it a simple task and if you are in need even more room we can send this vehicle out with others to satisfy the needs of even the largest of groups. No matter the event we will be more than capable of providing outstanding service for your team. Retreats, conventions, conferences, holiday parties, ect. we have experience with just about any event you can think of. Certain large events require commercial parking permits so make sure you book with us early enough that we will be able to procure any necessary passes.

Sports Games, Tournaments & Celebrations

Sometimes you have to transport a bunch of athletes, not a common problem a lot of people think about but happens far more frequently than most people would think. Sure, you could pile everyone onto a drab school bus, or you can gain the competitive advantage by giving your players the VIP treatment. The neon lighting, killer sound system and HD Screens will get the energy levels up and ready for game time. But it's not all about getting the team hyped up and ready to attack, it's also a great mobile film room. A great way to remind everyone about what all the training was for while rewarding them for that very same hard work.

Birthday Parties

I mean birthdays aren't really a popularity contest but when you the need of filling a 35 passenger vehicle to capacity you would certainly win it if it was. It's not just a great mode of transport for adult parties either, it's perfect for young child's parties as well, where the parents need to accompany their children. Plenty of room for everyone. When you rent this you really don't even need a destination, the kids will have a blast with all colorful lighting, screens, music and even just being on a moving bus is enthralling to them. As for grown up birthday celebrations, it's pretty enthralling for many of our guests to drink alcohol on a moving vehicle.