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Information Needed When Contacting Us


In order to provide you with an accurate quote there are a few crucial pieces of information we will need from you to secure an accurate price quote. By locations what we mean is where will your pickup location be? Are your guests going to meet up with you at your house and we will pick you up from there, will you all meet at a different public location, or do you want us to pick you up and then pick everyone up individually? Once that is worked out, where will we be taking you? Downtown? Novi? Ann Arbor? We don't need to necessarily know every single stop you want to make but we need the first main destination, if you want to ad-lib from there that is fine as long as it is in the same general area of the state, just let the driver know. And of course we will need to know where your drop-off destination will be, it is typically the same as your pickup.


We also need a head count of how many passengers will be going with you on your trip. This is in order to make sure you are receiving the best vehicle for your outing. Keep in mind that the passenger capacities are based on state law addressing the maximum passenger count for that vehicle. You can not exceed that number of passengers on the vehicle you choose, in face you will probably be happier if you choose a vehicle with a capacity above your actual passenger count to make sure everyone has plenty of room. An additional note relating to your passengers, if any of your guests will be under the legal drinking age there can be no alcohol permitted on the bus, once again this is a state law requirement that must be enforced.

Reason for the Occasion

While ultimately the type of event you are reserving a vehicle for doesn't matter to us, unless you are requesting the extra accommodations of the full wedding package. The reason why we ask is simply to help assure that you reserve the best vehicle for your groups needs. For example if the reservation is for an event like a wedding or prom where some of the guests will be wearing dresses that are a bit more elaborate than their usual street attire, they will find it to be much more preferable to get on and off of a full sized bus where you can walk upright rather than getting in a standard limo or even a stretch SUV like our Hummer which is a more traditional way of entering a vehicle. Our staff will be able to assist you through the best possible options for you with just this little bit of information.