About The 10 Passenger Charger Limo

This beautiful Dodge Charger limousine with jet wing doors is just what you need! This stunning limousine offers a plush interior with wrap-around leather seats, beautiful strobe and laser lights that change colors, a beverage cooler, and a full range of multimedia options. This limo boasts a booming audio system, CD player, USB ports, Bluetooth audio connection, flat screen TVs, and a DVD player! Whatever you have planned, this limo will make sure you arrive in style!

Popular Uses

Bar Hopping

The perfect vehicle for when you want to rally the troops for an unforgettable night out. With the driving situation all taken care of you and your friends can party without the worry of transportation nagging on your mind. With your foresight to hire a driver for the night you open up the freedom most party animals don't have, you can go anywhere at anytime for any reason. If the vibe of your first location is lacking you are able to get back on-board and find greener pastures.

Airport Shuttle

Forget about leaving you car sitting in some random parking lot that has as many disclaimers about the safety of your vehicle as it does parking spaces. Skip wasting that favor your friend owes you on driving you and your companions with all the luggage to the airport, save it for something you really need. Make your trip to the airport an enjoyable experience, it will make dealing with air travel more bearable. With plenty of room for the whole family and all their luggage you will find this party van to be perfect mode of transport ideal for traveling to and from the airport.

Sporting Events

Do yourself a favor a skip all of the inevitable headache associated with attending the city's next big sporting event, the traffic, the parking, the infuriating idling as you sit motionless on the highway with your exit visible in the distance for the next 20 minutes as everyone else decides it's there turn to forcefully squeeze into proper lane at the last moment. You could be spending that time sitting with your friends still enjoying yourselves as your driver handles that mess. Perfect sized vehicle for the average game day group.

Wine & Brewery Tours

As these industries of smaller craft breweries and wineries continue to grow so does the demand for touring these facilities. Our customers love to book a full day of sampling all the best of what the area has to offer. With plenty of high quality breweries downtown such as, Motor City Brewing Works, Batch Brewing Company, & Atwater Brewery, just to name a few, there are so many more and new ones are constantly opening their doors, it's easy to see why people enjoy making a day of it.