About The 34 Passenger Party Bus

Below is our 34 passenger, this bus has a crisp white exterior and chrome wheels. The interior has darkly tinted windows for privacy. It has several flat screen TVs with a DVD player. It has a CD player with iPod capabilities for your own selection of music. You can bring your own drinks and store them in our two built in coolers with the granite bar tops and we will supply ice so your drinks stay cold during your journey. We have comfortable custom leather seating with cup holders behind them in case you need to set down your drinks. The bus has a dancing pole and exotic wood flooring. The ceiling, steps, coolers, wall, and kick panels are all connected to a custom controlled LED light show that displays different preprogrammed light patterns and changes colors.

Popular Uses

Bachelor Parties

Your bachelor party is supposed to be the ultimate extravaganza for you and all of your best friends. So it makes total and complete sense that your first order of business would be to reserve a vehicle with a chauffeur. It keeps the whole group together, you can drink while the chauffeur drives, and there is even a dance pole on-board in case you decide to go all out with the evenings festivities. With plenty of seating room for up to 24 passengers you will be comfortable in the custom hand stitched leather seating. So no matter where your night is headed we will be sure to get you there in style.

Sporting Events

With so many great sports franchises from Downtown to Ann Arbor there is always a big game to be anticipating and planning for. This is a popular vehicle for just such occasions. With built in coolers the drinks will stay cold long after the game is logged into the record books. Perfect for tailgating, you and your friends will have the hottest entertainment center on the lot. Speaking of the benefits to hiring yourself a vehicle with driver let's not forget the nightmare that is traffic and parking around the stadium. Sure you could deal with that, or you could just kick back, crank up the music and enjoy your favorite beer while you let a professional handle the traffic.


It's not just professional and college athletics that benefit for giving yourself the VIP treatment of being chauffeured around. Once your book your professional transportation to the gig the only thing you need to worry about is which beverages do you want to stock for yourself and curating the perfect playlist for the occasion, you know the kind we mean, sure it has the hits but it really shines when you build in the more obscure back catalog, walking that fine line between connoisseur and snob. We understand that is a lot of work, thankfully your transportation situation is under control when you book with us.