About Our Detroit Bachelorette Party Bus

Detroit bachelorette parties can be one of the most memorable experiences of your life, whether you are the bride to be, or just her best friend who has the pleasure of planning the party! It's a true girls' night out at its very best, with all the requisite pampering and partying that your heart desires! And there's no reason to stick with the tried and true unless you want to. You can get as creative as you want during the planning process, and really put together a night on the town that will make the bride's dreams come true! We'd like to tell you about a few of our favorite ideas for bachelorette parties, all of which are made possible by convenient group travel in our 30 passenger party bus!

Reasons to Rent Our 30 Passenger Party Bus for Your Bachelorette Party

There are so many great reasons to rent a party bus on any given day, but especially for your bachelorette party, it is an essential travel choice! After all, there's no other way to get together all of your friends in just one vehicle, and to party on the road the whole time. Best of all, everyone in your party will be picked up and dropped off at their homes or whatever location they desire, so there's no need to worry about driving home at the end of the night.

No one will ever have to even think of the phrase "designated driver," because our professional chauffeur will fill that role, and you certainly won't have to worry about fighting the crazy traffic or finding a parking space on a busy Saturday night. It's pure partying, pure entertainment, without any of the typical concerns of a night on the town! That's what we call the makings of a fantastic bachelorette party in Detroit!

Let's go over just a few ideas for amazing and exciting Detroit bachelorette parties, shall we?

Bachelorette Party Bar Hopping & Pub Crawls

One of the simplest and yet most fun Detroit bachelor party ideas is to simply rent our 30 passenger party bus and head out for a night of bar hopping! Some would call it a pub crawl, and if you're more of a night club or dance club fan, you may call it club hopping! No matter what name you refer to it by, a night of hitting the best bars and clubs in Detroit and in the surrounding areas of Metro Detroit is definitely a memorable way to spend your last night out as a single woman!

The bride to be and all her friends will truly enjoy themselves and be able to let their hair down while they sip the finest martinis and cocktails, dance the night away, and enjoy the incredible ambiance that the high end bars in Detroit can provide. The classiest places in and around the Detroit area, in our opinion, would be Centaur, Cliff Bell's, Northern Lights Lounge, and Crave Lounge. Some are straight up bars and some are restaurants and bars, and mixing it up is best so that you can get some great food in the midst of all your partying!

And did we mention that you can bring your own alcoholic beverages (and non-alcoholic beverages of course!) on the bus with you? That means that you can party the night away while you cruise the city streets. You can stock our gorgeous granite topped or acrylic topped bars with all your favorite beer, wine, and liquor. We provide the ice and cups, so all you've got to do is bring a bottle of your favorite bubbly or spirits! We suggest some bottled water too so you can rehydrate on the road!

Take the Party Home

We've attended some incredible bachelorette parties that were held at our friends' homes, and those have been some of the most memorable ones yet! Bar hopping and club hopping is fun, but there's something even more fun about having what amounts to a grown up slumber party! Especially when you realize that your wedding (or the bride to be's wedding if it's not you!) marks a transition into a new phase of life. Relaxing in the kitchen or on the couch with a bottle of bubbly and all your girlfriends, playing party games and board games, and talking late into the night... what better way is there to celebrate being a woman and getting married?

Of course what takes this at-home bachelorette fest to the next level is the right mode of transportation. While you're at the house making sure that everything is prepared perfectly, our professional chauffeur can be out with the 30 passenger party bus picking up all of your party guests! They can all travel in together and get the party started before they even walk through your door. They'll never forget the luxury of it, and they'll certainly appreciate the convenience at the end of the night when they don't have to drive themselves home or rely on a designated driver. Even with at-home parties, party bus travel can be a major perk.

Make it a Bachelorette Vacation

Sure, you can have a bachelorette party. But if you have the freedom and flexibility to take a few days off, why not make it a bachelorette vacation? You can head out to your favorite Detroit hotel or resort and just relax the weekend away! Maybe stay at one of the casinos downtown, like Greektown Casino, MGM Grand, or Motor City Casino! You can relax in the luxurious hotel rooms and party the night away at the bars and on the casino floor. Maybe you'll even get lucky at the poker table or with the slot machines! You never know!

Party bus travel is perfect for vacations too! There's no reason for our services to be limited to just one night. We can provide the perfect transportation for your getaway, whether it's a full weekend of traveling to and fro, or just pickup and dropoff service at the beginning and end of your trip (tip: that saves you money if you don't need our services all weekend!). We do everything we can to make your trip easy, pleasurable, and fun.

Booking Your Bachelorette Party Bus

The booking process is so simple. All you've got to do is give us a call at 248-630-5605. A quick credit card deposit over the phone is all it takes to lock down the date of your choice, and just a quick listing of the destinations that you plan to visit will enable us to put together a travel package that is just perfect for your needs. We encourage you to give us a call right now, and if you like, to make arrangements to come down and take a look at our fleet of buses to determine which you like best for your party. If you'd rather let us choose, we are experts at picking the perfect bus for our customer's needs, and we look forward to making your bachelorette party (or bachelorette vacation!) a smashing success! Call us now!