Westland, MI - 30 Passenger Party Bus

When you are traveling in the Westland area with our 30 passenger party bus, we'd love for you to check out a few of our favorite bars and restaurants in the 48185 and 48186 zip codes.


1609 N Wayne Rd - 734.722.5330

Beaver Creek Tackle and Beer is designed for the kind of people who love rustic ambiance. That's us! We love coming in and enjoying an icy cold beer along with some of their fabulous game items, like the wild thang appetizer which combines some of our favorites: Rabbit ravioli, venison sausage, barbecued buffalo meatballs, and duck tenders. The roadkill grill is another that we'd recommend, with wild boar sausage, broiled quail, and roast venison. For something in the realm of old fashioned comfort food, the pot roast is just amazing with that delectable slow roasted beef and creamy redskin potatoes. We've had so many great meals and so many wonderful drinks here, we can't even count. We know that you will enjoy it too.


27424 Warren Rd - 734.422.8900

Deluca's Restaurant is first and foremost known for their fabulous pizzas, but unlike most other pizza restaurants in the area, this is an actual sit down restaurant where you can enjoy a truly delicious pizza pie with your friends and family. If you've been seeking a place that uses the tiny pieces of pepperoni that curl up into cup shapes when cooked, then you'll be happy to know that they do that here! And we love it too. We recommend the combination special that gives you two entrees and sides for twelve bucks; you can't beat that! The lasagne and broasted chicken would be our picks, and we love spaghetti and antipasto salad for the sides. Everything is so delicious, and this is such a great place to relax with a delicious meal after a hard day at work. Recommended!


36350 Warren Rd - 734.421.4081

Red Robin has been one of our favorite restaurants for quite some time now, and the reason for that is that it's so family friendly, with such cute and fun decor, and plus they have some of the very best hamburgers that you will find anywhere! Wow. We love the hawaiian burger that features pineapple slices and delicious barbecue sauce, and we also always make sure to get the spiciest burgers that they have, and even get some extra hot sauce on the side just to kick it up a few notches. They have great baked potatoes and salads here, and fabulous entrees beyond the burgers that they are known for. The waitstaff is always working hard to make sure that your cup is filled and you're totally satisfied. Always a pleasant dining experience!


1553 S Wayne Rd - 734.727.0737

There are quite a few good sushi and sashimi restaurants in Westland, but one that is very near the top of our list has got to be Wasabi. This place has got some of the freshest sashimi that we've ever tasted, and of course that adds up to some really amazing sushi. Even the most basic rolls, like the tuna roll or the California roll, are just excellent here. The spicy tuna roll is one of our favorites, and there's nothing too complex about that. To be that impressive with the simplest rolls really says a lot. Just wait until you try the specialty rolls! Be sure to enjoy their delicious soup and tea while you wait for your meal, it's the perfect beginning to an incredibly pleasant dining experience!


36601 Warren Rd - 734.595.1000

If you are a barbecue lover like we are, then you really owe it to yourself to go and check out Famous Dave's BBQ! This is not the only location, but it is the best in our opinion. The Memphis style ribs are our absolute favorite thing on the menu, and no matter how many times we order them, we can never tire of them! The brisket is also really noteworthy, and how about that whole roasted chicken? The hot wings are another one of our favorites. For your sides you'll really enjoy the corn on the cob and the cornbread muffins, and if you need something a little lighter you can always opt for a cold and crisp side salad. No matter what you order from their menu, you are sure to receive a real treat. Everything is just so good!


35851 Ford Rd - 734.641.9455

One of our favorite Mexican restaurants closed recently in this area, and we had to go in search of someplace new to fulfill our burrito and enchilada cravings! New Mexico Restaurant caught our eye and we're glad we gave it a try. They have some of the very best pico de gallo that we have ever tasted. We just can't get enough of it. We love to order extra, and put it on the mexican pizzas and on the chimichangas! So good. The tostadas are very nice too, and the tacos del carbon have become one of our favorite items as well, along with the chile rellenos. After dinner, if you've managed to save any room, for dessert we'd very highly recommend their tres leches cake. There's nothing creamier or more delicious than that!


1989 Wayne Rd - 734.722.9575

Golden Chopsticks is our top choice for sushi in the area, though it is also the most expensive choice as far as sushi goes. At other sushi restaurants we can often get four rolls for about twenty dollars (give or take a few dollars), and at this restaurant we can only get three for that price. Still, the freshness and ambiance are just unparalleled. Adn the service is fantastic! If you are opting for Chinese food instead of Japanese cuisine, the bourbon grilled chicken is one of our top picks, and everybody loves the traditional almond chicken too. The last time we went to Golden Chopsticks they were talking about getting a liquor license and opening a bar within the restaurant, and we hope that comes into fruition soon! Definitely a fun place to take a date or some friends and family!


7525 Wayne Rd - 734.525.1667

What can we say about Ashley's that you don't already know? Well, for starters, if you are somehow not yet familiar with this beer lover's mecca, then you need to check it out! They have something like two hundred beers available here, and they function as a beer tour of the world. You can actually complete the world beer tour and earn prizes, so that's something to think about if you really love your ales and lagers! If you're new to exotic beers, may we recommend any color of the Chimay? And they've got everything here from pale ales to dark lagers, from chocolate beers to raspberry beers! And fantastic food to go with it too, like flatbread pizzas and steamed mussels, delicious hamburgers and steaks, and so much more. We could go on and on, but instead we'll just recommend that you go and experience this place for yourself. It's a real gem.


35650 Ford Rd - 734.722.2950

Bray's Hamburgers is one of our favorite places to stop for a delicious slider when we are driving through this area, especially because they literally have a drive thru! You can pass right through (or walk right in and eat inside!) and enjoy some of the best burgers, fries, and chili that you have ever tasted. It's nice that they accept credit cards here, because most old fashioned style burger joints don't. No matter what you order to eat, we recommend that you get a large fresh brewed iced tea with it! That's the perfect match to all those great burgers and more. Very friendly staff and very clean atmosphere inside too. Always a great place to stop when you're passing through Westland!


906 S Wayne Rd - 734.727.0947

If you love Mexican food, give Taqueria Alameda a try. They're much more authentic here than anywhere else in the metro area, and that's why we keep coming back time and time again. What are a few of our favorites at this excellent establishment? The chipotle chicken, the carnitas, the al pastor... the beef cabeza tacos are great for those who aren't afraid to try something different. And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what's good at this cozy little place. So authentic, such great service, and such a nice warm friendly atmosphere too. They have everything you could ever crave here in terms of Mexican food, so why not give it a try? It's conveniently located on Wayne Road too. Definitely one of the best!