Troy, MI - 30 Passenger Party Bus

When you are traveling in the Troy area with our 30 passenger party bus, we'd love for you to check out a few of our favorite bars and restaurants in the 48007, 48083, 48084, 48085, 48098, and 48099 zip codes.


33475 Dequindre Rd - 248.585.6080

We love stopping in to Parrot Cove anytime we are in the Troy area, especially since they stay open a bit later than most places in the area, as late as eleven in the evening all week long, excluding the one day of the week in which they are not open for business, which is Sunday. Our favorite sandwich at this restaurant is the skinny jimmy, which has the delicious combo of sliced ham and swiss with Russian dressing, plus lettuce and tomatoes, on thick delicious French bread. We're also huge fans of the cove platter which features crispy chicken fingers, crisp potato skins, crunchy onion rings, and cheesy mozzarella sticks! Yum! Also be sure to try their cajun shrimp cocktail and the buffalo wings. Just delish!


4054 Rochester Rd - 248.689.8638

When you're having a busy day in Troy and you want a lunch that's fast and yet very hearty and filling, you will really love Ridley's Bakery Cafe. The panini grilled new yorker sandwich is one thing that we'd recommend very highly to you! We really love the delicious roast beef and roast turkey breast that they put on it, and when you combine it with that amazing apple wood bacon and asiago cheese, you know you've got a match made in heaven. Many come to this establishment just for the muffins, and once you've tried a bite you'll understand why. True gourmet quality at prices that you just won't believe. This place could easily replace your favorite bagel shops and coffee shops in one fell swoop! Very highly recommended.


6700 Rochester Rd - 248.879.0014

Alibi has a wonderful rustic cabin type of feel, and we especially love coming in when the weather is cold so we can sit at the cozy fireplace and just soak up all that warmth. On those cold winter nights there's just nothing better than coming in here and ordering a huge hot pizza, or perhaps a platter of fish and chips to really warm the heart and soul. The sampler is very nice when you're with a group too, and our favorite thing about it has got to be those wonderful fried mushrooms. Too good! When the weather is hot and you want something cool and crisp, the Greek salad is the easy choice here. So delicious and fresh. Always great service and the kind of ambiance we'd travel miles for. One of our highest picks.


755 W Big Beaver Rd - 248.269.8424

Ruth's Chris Steak House is that fabulous steakhouse that everybody goes to when they have something special to celebrate! This is such an important part of the Troy landscape, and we just love dining here. The high quality steaks are of course the biggest star of the menu, but you cannot go wrong with any of the deliciously upscale entree choices that they offer here. The fresh fish and seafood sections of the menu are highly recommended too! If you can't make up your mind between surf and turf, why not just opt for that filet with shrimp and have the best of both worlds! They season their steaks just perfectly here, bringing out the best flavors without putting too much spice into it. Pure perfection in terms of the food, a gorgeous atmosphere, and sensational service. What more could you want in a fine steakhouse?


2885 W Maple Rd - 248.280.9800

You don't need to go all the way to NYC to get yourself a great New York style pizza! Right here in Troy you'll find a pizzeria named New York City Pizza, and in our opinion this is the closest you can get to the real thing without actually traveling there yourself. The four cheese pizza is truly our top choice, and we love that they put the cheese on top of the toppings for an incredibly melty taste sensation. The margherita pizza is also a very popular choice, and everybody loves the barbecued chicken and chicken ranch pizzas too! When you're not in the mood for a pizza, just stop in for a quick calzone! Everything that they have to offer is great here, from the service to the food to the prices! Very highly recommended.


2800 W Big Beaver Rd - 248.649.5300

You'll be able to find The Capital Grille inside The Somerset Collection, and this is one of those upscale restaurants that puts an end to the idea of mall food being cheap and unimpressive! For instance, how about a nice delmonico steak or a kona rubbed sirloin? Or what about some crab cakes, or even lobster cakes? Their calamari is also excellent. For your drink, you'll love their pineapple vodka martinis, and for dessert you cannot go wrong with the flourless cake made with espresso, or even a delicious creme brulee or coconut cream pie. Enough said. We've dined at this restaurant enough times to be able to vouch for their unerring quality, and we can't wait for you to experience it for yourself next time you're traveling with us!


2938 E Maple Rd - 248.577.5334

Though some wouldn't think to list a market on a list of bars and restaurants, we wouldn't dream of leaving Polish Market off this list. Deli lovers will really enjoy walking in and crafting the perfect lunch from all the different things that they offer here! Get an incredible sandwich made with Polish ham, nosh on some traditional pigs feet, or even indulge in old fashioned Polish soups just like grandma used to make. We recommend the hot dogs made with veal too, and pierogie lovers will not be left in the dark here either. They've got you covered! All your traditional favorites and then some! Be sure to stop in for a great lunch and some delicious sweets for dessert too. Do not miss this place!


5063 Livernois Rd - 248.813.0900

Thai Taste Restaurant is easy to miss when you're traveling down Livernois Road, but be on the lookout for it because it is fantastic! The food is just unbelievable here. We can't even tell you how many times we have found ourselves there ordering the delicious drunken noodles, and they also have an amazing peanut curry that everybody just goes wild for. If you want to begin with a real classic, the pad thai is very impressive for being such a basic dish, and the spicy chicken stir fry is really great to try as well. Fried rice lovers will be very happy with the selections here, and you can't go wrong with the chicken panang or the southern thai noodles. No matter what you order, we know you'll be thrilled with the taste!


3720 Rochester Rd - 248.524.0300

If we had a low-priced lunch category on this page, La Marsa Mediterranean Cuisine would take the top spot in that category, because they have an incredible six dollar lunch special that gets you a really delicious sandwich and hearty cup of soup! We were shocked to hear that we could get a lunch anywhere in Troy for just six dollars, and since we found that out we've been taking advantage of it on a regular basis! The chicken shwarma pitas are one of our favorite things to eat here, and when you smear some of that amazing garlic sauce on them, it's just out of this world. The lamb chili is just perfect too. Vegetarians will enjoy the veggie moussaka too! Everything that they serve at La Marsa is highly recommended by us!


1648 Rochester Rd - 248.524.9778

Hippo's Hot Dogs always gets our top recommendation for this city because they serve authentic Chicago hot dogs without having to travel all the way to Chi-town! We've actually had hot dogs in Chicago that didn't even come close to these in terms of quality and taste, so we recommend that you head right over there and give them a try next time you are traveling with us! These Vienna hot dogs are one hundred percent beef, on a poppy seed bun, with onions, relish, tomatoes, mustard, pickles, and sport peppers. Just perfect. If you happen to not be in the mood for a Chicago dog (though we don't know how that's possible!), you can opt for one of their delicious meatball subs. Everything here is top notch!