Sterling Heights, MI - 30 Passenger Party Bus

When you are traveling in the Sterling Heights area with our 30 passenger party bus, we'd love for you to check out a few of our favorite bars and restaurants in the 48310, 48311, 48312, 48313, and 48314 zip codes.


34869 Mound Rd - 586.797.0077

Trying to find delicious Thai food in Sterling Heights? Give Thai King a try. We've enjoyed this restaurant for many years now, and the thing that brought us in in the first place is their delicious daily specials that are so affordable and tasty! The tom yum soup is one of our favorite things here, and we just love to order it hot and spicy. The kee mao is a very beloved dish, and the kow pad bai kra praow with shrimp is another favorite, also ordered hot and spicy, and you can never go wrong with the pad thai either. Sometimes the classics really are the very best! We'd recommend this restaurant to anyone who has a love of Thai food, and if you've read this far, that probably includes you! You'll be glad you gave this one a try.


13776 Southcove Dr - 586.566.6600

Lasaj Lebanese Bistro is a sure bet whenever you are craving delicious Mediterranean food. One of the things that we love best about this restaurant is that they offer dishes that other Lebanese restaurants do not, such as the beef kastalatta, which has delectable pieces of beef tenderloin with sauteed mushrooms and onions. So delicious and unique! Of course they have your standard favorites like chicken shawarma and beef shawarma, and they have fresh pitas and delicious garlic sauce, wonderful baba ghannouj and hommous, flavorful tabbouli... we could go on and on about all the wonderful things that they serve here but we really recommend that you just go and find out for yourself how amazing it is!


33170 Dequindre Rd - 586.268.1450

Trizest Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant that we drove right past for many years, simply because it's located in a shopping center and we just never noticed it. Now we're very glad that we finally found it! We rely on this place on a regular basis for their delicious szechuan lamb dish, and when we're in the mood for some really flavorful noodles, we always opt for the shrimp or chicken lo mein. The dumplings are just fantastic at this restaurant, and it's hard to say whether the sauce is better than the dumplings or vice versa! They're both so good. The moo shoo pork is an essential choice when you are sharing a meal with friends, or for the low carbers out there you can just omit the pancakes and enjoy the meat and veggies on its own. No matter what you order we're certain that you'll adore this restaurant.


34744 Dequindre Rd - 586.978.0500

Korean food can be all too hard to find here in Michigan, so when we find a great Korean restaurant we definitely don't forget it! Korea Palace is a real gem here in Sterling Heights! We love to begin our meal with one of three soups, the dumpling soup, the seafood soup, and the pork and potato soup. The kimchi veggies are always delightful, and we've really enjoyed the boneless short ribs too! The flavor of their Korean barbecue sauce is just too good to believe. At the end of the day, what makes the big difference here is the attention to detail on behalf of the staff. Everything is kept sparkling clean, the food is served sizzling hot, and the utmost care is given to every aspect of your dining experience.


34220 Van Dyke Ave - 586.939.1370

A combination of a restaurant and deli is just too good to be true, but there it is in all its glory on Van Dyke Avenue! It's called Pantry Restaurant & Delicatessen, and we recommend it very highly to you. The thing that we come back for time and time again is the oven baked pancakes. You really haven't lived until you have tried those. They also have fantastic french toast and omelettes, both of which are nice and fluffy and so delicious. If you enjoy crepes as much as we do, you'll be very happy with the ones that they serve here. The weekends can be insanely busy at this restaurant, so if you are in a rush you may want to try to arrive a little bit later in the day or just shoot for a weekday. In any case, definitely worth the wait!


2079 15 Mile Rd - 586.446.9430

It's difficult to find Indian food in this area, so when we stumbled upon Megha's Athidhi Indian Cuisine, we made sure to tell as many people as we could about it. They are intensely popular for their lunch buffet, and that's really the best way to introduce yourself to this type of cuisine if you are new to it, because you can try a little bit of everything and yet only pay that one fixed price. Our favorites are the dosas, the lamb dishes, and the sorbet for dessert, but everything that they offer is full of flavor and definitely within the realm of comfort food. You'll be sure to find your Indian favorites here as well as some exciting new dishes too! Be sure to give this one a try when you're traveling this area with our company. It's one of the best meals you'll find.


4127 15 Mile Rd - 586.939.2531

You won't find better Mexican food in the area than Pancho Villa's Authentic Mexican Cuisine! We are just in love with this place. We have many vegetarian friends and they love coming here because they can customize just about anything to fit their diet needs. Also, the price conscious will be happy to note that they have some incredible savings if you just click on over to their website! For instance, buy one dinner, get the second dinner at half price. That makes a big difference, especially in these trying economic times. Despite the fact that the prices are so affordable, the food is certainly top quality to say the least! And for dessert, be sure to order the fried ice cream with caramel, butterscotch, honey, or chocolate. So good!


38550 Van Dyke Ave - 586.979.4460

Ike's Restaurant is another great place to get some really fantastic Mediterranean food, and beyond just a great dining experience, you can also rent space for your private parties or take advantage of their very affordable catering! You will certainly want to start things off with some of the lentil soup that they're known for, and you also can't go wrong with some baba ghannouj and hummous smeared on their delicious pita bread, plus some of that garlic sauce that everybody gets so addicted to! It really is out of this world. They also have wonderful homemade poppy seed dressing here, and that makes all their salads even more worthwhile to get. Falafel fans take note, theirs is excellent! Literally every single item on the menu is great, and we can vouch for that because we've tried it all!


44350 Shoenherr Rd - 586.532.7318

Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy really gets it right when it comes to delicious authentic Mexican food! The chicken quesadillas with green chiles is really an excellent dish to try, piled high with both red and green roasted peppers that will really make your tastebuds sing. And there are also delicious mushrooms and onions as a part of that dish, which is a nice surprise. The Juarez meal is one of our most oft-chosen combos, because it's very filling and large enough to share with two enchiladas, a beef taco, and a tamale. No matter what you order for your appetizer, entree, or dessert, be sure to wash it all down with some of that amazing homemade sangria. There's nothing better than that!


35197 Dodge Pk Rd - 586.979.0828

Ventimiglia Italian Foods is both grocery store and deli, and we love stopping in to grab some fresh items to craft our own delicious and healthful lunch. The subs are definitely our go-to item, but they also have fantastic soups that pair really well with them, including minestrone and split pea soup just like mom used to make.They change the soups daily so there's always something different to try. We recommend that you pick up a copy of their original cookbook while you're there, and also grab some Mexican Coca Cola because that's all too hard to find in these parts, and the taste of real sugar is what makes it so coveted, in case you didn't know! We love this place and we're certain that you will too!