Port Huron, MI - 30 Passenger Party Bus

When you are traveling in the Port Huron area with our 30 passenger party bus, we'd love for you to check out a few of our favorite bars and restaurants in the 48060 and 48061 zip codes.


3910 24th Ave - 810.966.5000

When you're traveling with your friends in Port Huron, you will really enjoy stopping in to Daybreak Cafe either for a hearty breakfast or a delicious lunch! Our favorite breakfast is without a doubt the eggs benedict, and theirs is one of the best that we have ever tasted. The chocolate chip pancakes are another nice surprise, and we also love the pineapple upside down cake pancakes as well as the cinnamon apple pancakes! These are some flavors that you will not soon forget. If you want something a little more traditional, the signature item here is the stuffed french toast with delicious pecans, creamy cream cheese filling, and confectioners sugar. The fruit stuffed french toast is just as good albeit a bit lighter. You'll love it all!


1329 24th St - 810.966.3900

Many times when you're seeking a great diner, you try to find the one that has most stood the test of time. Nick's Four Roses is an exception to the older is better rule though! This diner is one of the newest establishments in the area, but it has a very authentic old fashioned feel to it that we really enjoy. You can tell how beloved this place is to the locals just by glancing around at all the packed tables and booths! They are perhaps best known for their incredible omelettes, which are very large in size and really filled with fantastic ingredients. The potatoes on the side are the perfect complement. The thing that really makes all the difference here is super friendly staff and their hard work to make you comfortable. They are true gems, and this is a wonderful place to dine.


1345 24th St - 810.966.0705

Many times when people are traveling with our company, they ask us what's the best pizzeria in the area to pick up a bunch of hot and delicious pizza pies for the party! And our answer is always Jet's Pizza. This particular location has never let us down when it comes to high quality food, fast, and at a very fair price. We absolutely love the crisp salads that they serve here, and we're so hooked on their delicious pizza sauce that we order a little extra to dip the crusts and the breadsticks in! If you've grown tired of pizza for parties and want something different but still casual, their subs are the perfect pic. Nice and large, and really packed with lots of crisp veggies and perfectly cooked meat. No matter what we order here, it's always fantastic!


500 Thomas Edison Pkwy - 810.984.8000

Thomas Edison Inn is a hotel and restaurant that is both a wonderful place to stay when you're in the area, and a lovely place to dine. Its classic decor has changed little if at all over the years, and that's one of the things that we love about it so much. The prices are not inexpensive but not expensive either, right in that middle ground, and the food is truly top notch. The rack of lamb is our very favorite dish here, and we always enjoy the chowder too. If you happen to need a place to stay in the area, we do recommend the hotel as well. The wonderful staff is the thing that makes both the restaurant and the hotel such a pleasant place to visit, and we're certain that you'll enjoy your time there just as much as we have over the years.


1735 24th St - 810.966.4991

When you want some really sensational Mexican food in Port Huron, look no further than Red Pepper! This restaurant has really got a good thing going, with very affordable food and a casual atmosphere that everybody really enjoys. Please know that the food is not the most authentic Mexican that you'll find, but it is very flavorful and good. College students in particular enjoy Taco Tuesdays, because it gives you a chance to really fill up without breaking the bank in the process! We're also big fans of their burritos, and even bigger fans of their late night hours (open until 4am on weekends!). The salsa in squeeze bottles makes it even easier to customize the heat to your liking! We just love everything about this place!


1120 Military St - 810.966.3400

For romantic dates in Port Huron, we always recommend Pompeii's Pizzeria & Italian Eatery. It's so wonderful to ask for seating on the deck to enjoy the warm weather in the summertime, enjoying their famous pizza along with one of those sensational wine flights out there under the stars. If you're sitting inside, you'll love watching the pro pizza chefs toss their dough. There are also wonderful pastas and super fresh salads for you to enjoy here, and of course a wide array of delicious desserts that would please even the choosiest dessert lover! Everything about this place is cozy, relaxed, and intimate, and that's why we think it's just perfect for those special nights with your special someone.


1535 Pine Grove Ave - 810.985.9838

Palms Krystal Bar and Restaurant is the best of both worlds, with a really fun bar side and a really enjoyable restaurant side. When it comes to dining, you can't go wrong with the coconut shrimp, but if seafood is not your style you will also love the chicken with the old fashioned shoestring cut fries. If you're in a barbecue kind of mood, opt for the ribs, and if you love something rich and creamy, the sweet potato bisque will definitely become your favorite. Should you decide to spend some time on the bar side, you'll enjoy the friendly ambiance and the reasonably priced drinks! We like the classics here, and the bartenders really know how to mix them right. A Cape Cod or a Manhattan will really hit the spot.


421 Beers St - 810.987.2877

Bangkok Star is the most affordable place to get Thai food in Port Huron, and oddly enough, it's also the most authentic! You'd think you'd have to pay an arm and a leg to get Thai food this authentic and delicious, but that is certainly not the case. The signature dish is the Bangkok Chicken, and we have enjoyed that many times. The Basil Chicken is another favorite among our friends. Even if you would normally choose steak, we'd recommend the chicken here because it's so fantastic. They have plenty of options for vegetarians here too, as all Thai restaurants do, and if you happen to be one of the rare people who enjoys your Thai food non-spicy, you'll appreciate the separate listing of those non-spicy dishes! We could go on and on, but this is just a wonderful place to dine anytime!


330 Quay St - 810.982.4100

For beer lovers in Port Huron, you really can't do better than Quay Street Brewing Co. Not only do they have the best beer selection around, but they also have a fantastic array of food that will please just about everybody! It all begins with that fabulous bread basket that everybody loves so much, and from there it's on to a really memorable meal. We'd recommend the lamb burgers most highly, followed by the black bean burgers, and their delicious shrimp pizza. We're also big fans of their fish and steaks, and you can never go wrong with a deliciously flaky spinach pie. Very friendly staff, wonderful atmosphere, and the kind of dining and drinking experience that we'd travel miles for. Very highly recommended.


103 Michigan St - 810.982.1866

The Vintage Tavern has the most perfect name, because the retro ambiance inside can only be described as authentic vintage. It's one of those old fashioned taverns that honestly hasn't been touched or changed in decades, and we just love it that way. The thing that does change all the time is the menu! They constantly rotate it to keep things exciting for their loyal patrons. We won't bother to mention specific dishes since they change so often, but you can trust us when we say that everything is always fantastic here. We do recommend both the chocolate martinis and the wine flights, because those are two things that will never disappear! Both pair just fine with anything on the menu!