Monroe, MI - 30 Passenger Party Bus

When you are traveling in the Monroe area with our 30 passenger party bus, we'd love for you to check out a few of our favorite bars and restaurants in the 48161 and 48162 zip codes.


315 S Telegraph Rd - 734.241.9636

In terms of ambiance and decor, Asiana Restaurant keeps it pretty low key and simple, with the focus being on the food as it should be. If you are familiar with the Monroe area you know that great Chinese restaurants are few and far between, but this one is truly reliable and consistent, and the staff is so knowledgeable and friendly when it comes to their delicious dishes. It's also in a quiet location where you can enjoy talking to your dining partners without having to fight to be heard over booming music or laughing diners! Happily we report that they accept credit cards, and the prices are nice and low for everything here. All around just a very pleasant place to grab a delicious bite to eat!


881 S Monroe St - 734.457.1431

Fino's Family Restaurant is one of those cozy family restaurants where you know that you can always get a great homecooked meal at a price that you can afford. It's great for families with kids, friends who just want to chill out and enjoy a delicious dish, and even for a low key date with your significant other. The broasted chicken is the dish that they are best known for, and when that's one of the daily specials you know that you are in for an amazing treat. We also love the broasted potatoes here! We've had just about everything that they have to offer on their menu, and we can tell you that everything is truly top notch, traditional in terms of its preparation, and very filling. Excellent place to get your comfort food fix!


13986 Laplaisance Rd - 734.457.3822

Bolles Harbor Cafe has always come highly recommended by all the locals, and it's been going strong for many, many years. The gnocchi casserole is our favorite dish to enjoy here, and as you would imagine that definitely falls within the realm of comfort food! Just delicious. All of the pasta dishes are top notch here, especially if ordered with their delicious zesty marinara sauce that's not too sharp and not too sweet. Just perfect. We'd also very highly recommend their pizzas, because they're so huge and delicious, and yet so low in price! Another favorite of ours is the filet mignon, which is of course excellent no matter where you get it! We really love the atmosphere here, and the very friendly staff. Recommended!


128 N Monroe St - 734.242.4600

Tiffany's Pizza has been going strong for the longest time, and the coolest part about this beloved pizzeria is that they have those five dollar pizzas that the chain restaurants are known for, but the difference is that these are made fresh on the spot! That really makes all the difference. We're huge fans of the grand traverse chicken salad at this pizzeria too. No matter what you order, you can enjoy it either through delivery or carryout, and you'll be very happy to hear that they even accept credit cards, which can be a rarity in this area! There are lots of exciting things to enjoy on the menu, and this is always a reliable place to visit when you are traveling in the area with our company! Very highly recommended to you and yours!


2020 S Custer Rd - 734.457.0700

Hot Dog House would possibly get our top recommendation for the Monroe area, and that's because it is one of the only truly classic restaurants that you will find in the area. Authentic old fashioned style, rather than the manufactured imitations that you may be used to. They have tons of different gourmet hot dogs to enjoy here, which is what brings it into the current century while still retaining that distinctive stamp of the ages. They use thick texas toast instead of traditional buns here, which is a really nice touch that makes a huge difference when it comes to taste. The french fries are really fantastic too! Everything here rates an A+ from us, and we recommend that you check it out as soon as possible!


2121 N Monroe St - 734.241.8320

Of course everybody in Michigan just loves Olga's Kitchen, and this location in Monroe is a real joy to visit. The staff is always so welcoming, and the ambiance is always nice and cozy even if it does have that chain restaurant feeling. Our favorite things here are of course the traditional gyros, but we also love the apple pecan chicken salad! We recommend the zucchini fries instead of the traditional potato version, and the signature Olga's chips are just to die for! Without a doubt our favorite drink to go with all that would be an orange cream cooler. No matter what time of day we come in, we are always treated to a delicious meal, served piping hot (or crisp and cool if we get a salad!), and it's always a great time. One of the few chain restaurants that we recommend!


1111 W Front St - 734.241.1612

This is the second hot dog restaurant that we have mentioned on this page, and the reason for that is that they are both true classics in Monroe! The essential item has got to be the hot dog with chili. It's the simplest and the best, and it's such a tradition too! Of course pairing that with some of their famous root beer is a must, and you won't want to skip the chips. The entire menu consists of hot dogs, chips, and root beer, and we are glad that they stick to the basics that they are known for. All the extras just aren't necessary! And for the ultimate old fashioned touch, they still serve their root beer in old school frosted glasses. We just love that, and we know you will too. The perfect quick stop when traveling with our company!


391 N Telegraph Rd - 734.241.6100

Dolce Vita Italian Cuisine is one of the greatest Italian restaurants that you will find in our area, and that's especially true when you narrow it down to just the city of Monroe. No matter what time of day you come in to this beautiful establishment, you will be treated to a truly elegant and delicious meal. Our favorite thing to order is the cajun chicken fettuccine, and we also love the fish tacos, which are a very pleasant surprise. Speaking of surprises, the fact that they serve sushi here is definitely a big one, but the even bigger surprise is that it's fantastic! We wouldn't ordinarily visit an Italian restaurant for sushi, but in this case we feel very comfortable recommending it to you. Try the Sammy Davis Drops special roll, you'll love it! Very highly recommended.


1270 Stewart Rd - 734.241.7663

Vaquero's is your source for the absolute most authentic Mexican food in the Monroe area. We fell in love with this restaurant in recent years and we're happy to say that they are incredibly consistent, thanks to a really knowledgeable staff and the use of only the highest quality ingredients. The chicken fajitas are our top choice because they're so fresh and flavorful, and of course served sizzling hot. The rice and beans are some of the best that we have ever tasted, and the chips and salsa are the perfect beginning to an exquisite meal. They even have a television here so you can enjoy watching the game while you dine. No need to rely on a sports bar and typical sports bar food when you've got Vaquero's! Located conveniently on Stewart Rd.


2 W Front St - 734.241.1112

Monroe Street Grill, actually located on West Front Street, has just about everything under the sun. If you come in seeking a hot and delicious breakfast, we'd steer you towards the veggie eggs benedict, the chorizo skillet, or even an egg white omelette if you need something on the healthier side. For lunch we love the bleu cheese and bacon burgers and the tex-mex burgers. The pastas are just incredible here, including Giuseppe's Pasta which is rigatoni with spinach, parmesan, and marinara sauce. The chicken marsala is one of our favorites too. Try the pistachio chicken if you're in the mood for something different (it comes with an exciting pistachio-citrus butter sauce), or for something straightforward and classic, go with the Monroe Street Grill (a ten ounce steak with sauteed mushrooms, a potato and vegetable of the day plus soup or salad). Always something good here!