Jackson, MI - 30 Passenger Party Bus

When you are traveling in the Jackson area with our 30 passenger party bus, we'd love for you to check out a few of our favorite bars and restaurants in the 49201, 49202, 49203, and 49204 zip codes.


1085 N Wisner - 517.782.4344

Some have said that this place is like a carbon copy of a certain other buffalo wings restaurant, but we think it's a more personal version of it, and that's why we like it so much. Of course the wings are the star of the show here, as they should be. They have all your favorite flavors of sauces that you'll enjoy, going all the way up to the very hottest sauce possible, which you will actually have to sign a waiver in order to eat! No kidding! They are serious about their heat here. Delicious wings, plenty of great beers on draft, and lots of televisions so you'll never miss a moment of the big game that's on TV! What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, great service? Well, you can bet your wings they've got that too. Very highly recommended.


800 N Waterloo St - 517.788.8366

Jaxon Pizza Factory is known for their delicious wheat crusts, and when you combine that with their perfectly zesty sauce, you will truly fall in love. To take it to the next level, forget about your typical pizzas and order a coney dog pizza. The flavor of that beast will really knock you out! If you're seeking something a little more tame yet still unusual, the rice pudding calzone is a perfect choice for dessert, and it will definitely cool off some of that heat from the spicy pizza that you may have ordered! This is primarily a carryout restaurant but they do have a small area for dining in if you prefer that. Very highly recommended for the personalized service, the friendly staff, the unusual menu items, and the amazing quality of pizza ingredients!


1111 N West Ave - 517.784.8400

There are few things that we love more than walking into Los Tres Amigos in Jackson and sitting down to delicious bowls of chips and salsa. Once you get a bite of those wonderful flavors, you're ready to dig into your entree, and boy oh boy do they have some great ones for you to choose from, all authentic and really packed with flavor. The carnitas are probably our favorite, but you can trust us when we say that you cannot go wrong with any item on the menu. For your drink, we would very highly recommend one of their mouth watering margaritas. This restaurant is great for intimate dining with the one you love, fun outings with groups, and cozy dinner with the family! No matter the occasion, Los Tres Amigos has never let us down.


1401 Daniel Rd - 517.783.1581

We think Parlour is just about the simplest and yet most perfect names for any ice cream parlor, and we consider this an essential stop when you are in the Jackson area. Once upon a time they made their own ice cream here, and though those days are gone, the quality of the ice cream that they serve is still top notch. The enormous scoops are as old school as it gets, and that is a refreshing thing to see and to eat! If you are with a large group, you can go wild and try the Dare to Be Great which is a total of 21 scoops of ice cream! It's messy and it definitely melts fast, so you've got to attack it with as much zest and speed as you possibly can! Definitely a fun way to make a memory though. Always a good time here at Parlour!


1104 E Ganson St - 517.783.1824

Schlenkers Sandwich Shop is rumored to have the greatest hamburgers in the area, and we can't argue with that! If you'd consider arguing with it, we'd recommend heading over there and giving them a try first. We're certain they'll beat out your current favorite any day of the week! The double cheeseburger with the works is our addiction, and super sizzling hot fries are the perfect pair for those patties, of course! When we say super sizzling hot, we mean it, and you'll want to be careful that you don't burn yourself when they are served. Note that you'll have to make a quick stop at the ATM before you come in if you don't have cash on hand already, because this is a cash only restaurant. Wonderful place, highly recommended.


606 N West Ave - 517.788.7766

One of our favorite things about Roxy Cafe is that classic sign in front of the building. It's definitely stood the test of time! Breakfasts are amazing here, so huge and delicious, served piping hot, and just as filling as you can get. We're really hooked on their delicious corned beef hash, and alongside one of their overstuffed omelettes, what could be better? The grilled cinnamon rolls are another favorite among kids and adults alike, and we definitely recommend that you give them a try, perhaps as a breakfast dessert! It's got a delightfully old school feel here at Roxy Cafe, and that's just one of the many things that we love about it. Be sure to give the Roxy a try next time you're in Jackson!


2125 Horton Rd - 517.783.2777

We're known amongst our friends as lovers of a great steakhouse, and the fact that Knights Steakhouse & Grill makes our best of the best list really says something. The quality of everything that they serve here is just exquisite. From the steaks to the seafood to the chicken, you cannot go wrong with anything that you find on the menu. Of course they also have a full bar, so you can enjoy your favorite cocktails or wine alongside your entree. Best of all, they have excellent service here, with one of the friendliest waitstaffs that we have ever encountered. We've always had a really pleasant dining experience here and we are certain that you will too. Be sure to visit Knights next time you're in Jackson!


1514 Daniel Rd - 517.782.0375

When we think of The Hunt Club, the very first thing we think of is their enormous and delicious Dagwood sandwich! Boy, is it ever a sight to see and a delight to eat. Sharing it with your dining partner is a great idea if you don't want to take leftovers home! The beer battered deep fried pickles are our favorite thing to pair with that amazing sandwich, and we think you'll really enjoy it too. To make it the perfect trio of flavors, put it all together with a delicious pint of draft beer, and you're good to go! They've even got Club Keno to keep you busy while you wait for your food to be served. Great ambiance, friendly staff... what more could you ask for from a cozy restaurant like this? We love it and you will too.


1801 N West Ave - 517.841.5555

Aka Sushi is known for its elegant atmosphere, but what's better than that is the incredible food! We are nothing short of hooked on this place. You will not find fresher sashimi than this anywhere in Jackson. The sushi boat for four is our favorite thing on the menu because it really gives you something for everybody, and we recommend that you order some spicy rolls on the side to really complement the milder flavors that you'll find on the boat. For a simple yet truly delicious lunch, you will also really enjoy their chicken teriyaki bowl! When the simplest things on a menu are so delicious, you know that you have found a truly high quality restaurant worth visiting time and time again. Everything is top notch here. Don't miss it.


151 W Michigan Ave - 517.782.1895

Darryl's Downtown definitely pleases both our more exotic and most simple tastes, with dishes ranging from exciting ones like chicken with basil and pistachios to more traditional ones like a simple angus burger with delicious french fries. The cole slaw is one of our favorite things here too, and we always make sure to get some, and of course you cannot skip a delicious cup of coffee with your meal at a place like this. They always keep your cup topped off and toasty hot, just perfect on those cold wintry days. Wonderful for dates or outings with friends and family, you will enjoy the ambiance and the service just as much as you'll enjoy the food! One of the best, without a doubt.