Howell, MI - 30 Passenger Party Bus

When you are traveling in the Howell area with our 30 passenger party bus, we'd love for you to check out a few of our favorite bars and restaurants in the 48843, 48844, 48855, and 48863 zip codes.


215 E Grand River Ave - 517.552.1721

When you find yourself in Howell and you're craving a really amazing Thai style meal, ESPECIALLY if you are a big fan of sweet and sour shrimp, we would very highly recommend Thai Cafe to you! Everything that they serve here is truly tops, but beyond the sweet and sour shrimp we'd also very highly recommend the veggie curry (all vegetarian and all delicious!) and the fried rice that they are best known for. They use plenty of lemongrass in their dishes here and we believe that's what gives everything that signature flair. If we were giving these restaurants star ratings, they'd get five out of five for their service alone. Wonderful staff, very clean atmosphere, and excellent food. Very highly recommended!


2429 E Grand River Ave - 517.548.3615

For those who can't get enough of incredible barbecue and soul food style dishes, you cannot go wrong with Mary's Fabulous Chicken & Fish next time you find yourself in Howell! We have been addicted to this place for a while now, and everybody who frequents it says the same. The barbecued chicken sandwiches are one of our favorite things to indulge in here, so simple and yet so good, and we also cannot get enough of the deep fried pickles. Even the old standards of crispy french fries and delicious deep fried chicken strips are just too good to be true, and yet they are. Wonderfully greasy and delightfully good. Don't skip the fried green tomatoes and okra either! A completely fabulous soul food dining experience.


2010 E Grand River Ave - 517.552.7448

We can never get enough of delicious Mexican food, and once we found El Patron here in Howell, we had to check it out. We were definitely not disappointed! The shrimp chimichangas are our absolute favorite item on the menu, closely followed by the very memorable poblano peppers. You will not soon forget a flavor like that! Delish! The chips and salsa are the perfect start to the meal, and you know how important good chips and salsa are before noshing on your favorite Mexican entrees! The fried ice cream is an essential for dessert, and that's always a hit with both the kids and the adults, as well as being a very fun way to wrap up a special date. Great service, clean atmosphere, and an overall very pleasant dining experience!


117 E Grand River Ave - 517.546.4136

When you're seeking a great bar in Howell, look no further than Cleary's Irish Pub. This is an essential as far as the locals are concerned, and there's no question why. Once you walk in you'll see why this place is so popular. There's so much to do, from shooting pool to grooving to your favorite hits on the jukebox. Of course just hanging out in the bar area with some great food and drinks is always fun on its own too! We very highly recommend Cleary's for your private events since they have such a great banquet area, and their staff really goes the extra mile to make sure that your party is a huge success. You won't believe the low prices, and the high quality of the food, drinks, and service! Don't miss this one!


209 E Grand River Ave - 517.548.7500

Steak and seafood lovers, take note. Diamond's Steak & Seafood on Grand River Avenue is calling your name, and you'd do very well to head on over there and give it a try asap! It seems that everyone who dines here has the same favorite, which is of course the skewered filet mignon tips, served with those melty cheesy mashed potatoes and the delectable cinnamon spiced apples. Those are some very good flavor combinations, and without a doubt that would be filed under "comfort food" in our own minds! Always a satisfying treat. They've got all your favorite beers and wines here too, and plenty of your favorite spirits too, so you can really pair the perfect alcoholic beverage with your meal. Great for special dates and rare occasions.


241 E Grand River Ave - 517.546.9634

Despite the laid back location of this Chinese restaurant, actually within a shopping center with an exterior that is not built to impress, what you will find within will certainly impress your tastebuds. Everybody in the area just adores this place, and after one taste you will understand why. What are our most recommended dishes for this place? Well, the pepper steak is definitely tops as far as we are concerned, but if you like something a little spicier you will enjoy the mongolian beef. In the mood for something greasy and good? The egg rolls are nothing short of divine, and they do not have seafood in them, which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on your tastes! But many will be glad. Great food, wonderful service, and very low prices.


119 W Grand River Ave - 517.540.9920

Deli lovers, pay attention to the name Copper Pickle and commit it to memory! This place will become a favorite of yours after a single visit. The corned beef reuben is their signature "sammich," and we cannot get enough of it! Being that this is a Polish deli, there is a distinctive Polish slant to the things that they offer here, and we love that. The flavors of everything are just out of this world, especially that Polish ham! Note that the prices may seem a bit exorbitant, but it's the SIZE of the sandwich as well as the quality that makes it so worthwhile. To say that you get what you pay for would be an extreme understatement. Overall we just love this place, from the food to the ambiance to the service. Don't miss it.


117 N Michigan Ave - 517.548.7333

It can be tough to find truly authentic Mexican food in Michigan, but we have been truly content with all of the authentically delicious flavors that they serve up nightly at Mexicali Allies! The major contrast here is that though the food is top notch, it's just a tiny hole in the wall restaurant, and that's why many opt for carryout. There's one other downside that we should mention, and that's that they don't serve alcohol here, so that's another great reason to pick up some great Mexican carryout from this place and enjoy your own margaritas in our vehicle! It doesn't get any better than that. Delicious enchiladas and burritos here, and we would truly very highly recommend every single item on the menu. Great staff too!


101 W Grand River Ave - 517.548.5500

Mr B's has always been one of our favorite places to go for a drink after work, and this location in Howell is no exception. Our favorite things to eat here are definitely the pizza and the ribs, but you can't go wrong with anything on the menu, and they definitely know how to make a mean hamburger! They've got the kind of sliders that will really make your mouth water, and they're so perfect after you've had a few drinks and want something that won't totally kill your buzz. There's a lot to do here too, including some old school video games and of course pool tables. Everybody who frequents this place is laid back and cool, and everybody's there to have a great time. We think you'll love it just as much as we do.


3030 W Grand River Ave - 517.546.9221

If you've got a special date in Howell, Tomato Brothers is a great bet. Everybody loves coming in to enjoy that full bar of course, but most especially to enjoy their high quality authentic Italian food. The spaghetti and meatballs is one of the things that they're known for, and though that sounds so typical, with that one enormous meatball it certainly is not! Kids really get a kick out of seeing that. Our true favorite on the menu would have to be their lasagne though. It is so cheesy and gooey and delicious. You won't find better flavor than this! And for dessert, everyone recommends their cheesecake. It's hard to save room for it, but at least bring some home for a midnight snack! You'll be glad you did.