Dearborn, MI - 30 Passenger Party Bus

When you are traveling in the Dearborn area with our 30 passenger party bus, we'd love for you to check out a few of our favorite bars and restaurants in the 48120, 48121, 48123, 48124, 48126, and 48128 zip codes.


22148 Michigan Ave - 313.562.5900

Buddy's Pizza has been everybody's favorite in the Detroit area for the longest time. You always hear about their awards and accolades, but the proof is in your own visit, and if you haven't been there yet, then it's about time that you go! The deep dish pizza is of course the star of the show, and we couldn't imagine coming in and not ordering that with our choice of favorite toppings. The sliced tomatoes are a must! We're also hooked on those bacon cheddar ranch fries, and can never get enough of them! The fun atmosphere with the murals on the walls is always a delight, and the service is always good too. We love sitting at the high booths and recommend that spot most highly! Comfy and casual, just the way we like it.


13007 W Warren Ave - 313.582.4849

There are so many Mediterranean restaurants in Dearborn, but Cedarland is without a doubt the very best. It's not located in the upscale downtown neighborhood however, but if you don't mind a little drive to the east side of town, you will really find that the food is worth the trip! The barbecued chicken is our favorite thing on the menu, and the chicken shawarma is also just out of this world. The rice is cooked just perfectly, very fluffy and flavorful with delicious pine nuts, and no matter what you order, you've got to get some baba ghannouj with it! It's so good. As if the quality wasn't enough, the quantity is just insane! Huge portions of food! You'll definitely need to take some home! Superb food, superb service, very highly recommended!


22184 Michigan Ave - 313.561.7711

The Biergarten is a contradiction of sorts, because it sounds like a traditional German pub, but in actuality it's got an interesting car/Motor City kind of theme going on. Truth be told, we couldn't care less about the theme, because all we really care about is the fantastic service and the amazing burgers that they're known for! You know the other bar in Dearborn that's known for their burgers... well this is the only place that can rival them, and it's tough to say which are better. They've each got their own special quality that makes them so great. The prices for burgers and beers are just incredibly low, and you cannot find a cheaper good time in Dearborn! Be sure to check this one out if you haven't already!


600 Town Center Dr - 313.593.1234

The rotunda ballroom at The Hyatt Regency is known as Archimedes, and this is in fact the famous one that spins and gives such a beautiful view of downtown Detroit. It's been featured in movies so it's definitely a famous spot for our city. We love heading up there in those beautiful glass elevators, and enjoying some drinks and great conversation while we look at the beautiful sights below. If you're staying in the hotel, you'll love the close proximity to Fairlane Mall (literally just a short walk across the parking lot), and you're also close enough to Detroit and the downriver suburbs to really see a lot of the area while you're here. Definitely one of our highest recommendations.


22431 Michigan Ave - 313.562.4166

O'Sushi is one of our favorite sushi restaurants in Dearborn, and though the atmosphere feels more like a deli or a diner (it's actually located in what was previously a pizza and gelato establishment), the quality of the food is definitely top notch. Don't let the strip mall atmosphere put you off. The food is so good you'll feel like you've been transported straight to Tokyo without a plane ticket! Our favorite roll is one which evokes a taste of the tropics, with fresh salmon, lemons, and a creamy lemon sauce. The salmon skin rolls are another favorite, and we really love the green tea here too. No matter what you order you'll definitely be more than satisfied here. And the service is wonderful too!


22207 Michigan Ave - 313.278.6840

Kabuki is another of our favorite sushi restaurants in Dearborn, this one with just as wonderful ambiance as the food itself! The restaurant is decorated in dark tones of black and red, with a dark covering on the front windows to shield your eyes from the traffic on Michigan Avenue. It's very subdued and relaxed. You can sit at any one of the tables alongside the windows, in the middle of the restaurant, or at the sushi bar itself. No matter where you're seated the service is superb, and your food never takes long to arrive. The chicken teriyaki roll and chicken tempura roll are just perfect for the non-seafood eaters in your group, but if you love sashimi, go for the chirashi or any one of their delicious specialty rolls! Truly an impressive menu!


2450 S Telegraph Rd - 313.730.8161

Bangkok 96 would be easily overlooked, tucked far back off the street on Telegraph Road, in a very unassuming location between a cell phone shop and a bowling alley! But don't drive past it. Go right in and enjoy those aromatic flavors of Thailand. The service is fantastic here, very friendly and old fashioned, and the ambiance is charming and authentic. The food is a bit of a mixture of authentic Thai food and the more Americanized version that most of us here are used to, but the flavor is just incredible no matter what you order. Our favorite are the yellow curry with chicken and potatoes, and the green curry with chicken and peppers! The pad thai is also really great, and we love their thai iced teas and coffees. Very highly recommended!


22681 Newman St - 313.563.7482

La Pita Restaurant is one of those strip mall locations that we we overlooked for far too long before discovering that the food is just out of this world. The lamb chops are our favorite thing here, and we also really love their lamb stuffed grape leaves. They have maqaniq sausage here, which we really enjoy and it's very hard to find elsewhere. The garlic sauce is just fantastic here, but it's not free like it is at most other Mediterranean restaurants in this area. Worth paying for? Absolutely! The chicken shwarma is so good, and we also love the mujadara and tawook with tabouli sandwiches! The service is very friendly here and the atmosphere is very nice for being tucked away in a shopping center! Don't pass this one up!


22075 Michigan Ave - 313.277.7283

Crave Lounge is one of the newer sushi restaurants in the area, but it's been around long enough at this point to have established itself as a mainstay. It's without a doubt the most upscale sushi restaurant in this area, with elegant low booths and beautiful curtains that provide a soft barrier between the glare of Michigan Avenue and the dim restaurant within. The lobster roll and the manhattan roll are our two favorites here, but everything is good, and they have plenty of options for the vegetarian crowd that you simply won't find anywhere else. We love to sit at the bar and enjoy some cocktails at the end of the night too. Always a good time, whether you come in the day or the night. Very highly recommended!


23700 Michigan Ave - 313.565.2577

Miller Bar has been here for as long as we can remember, and we can't imagine the city of Dearborn without it. They are known for having the best hamburgers in the entire city and beyond, and we definitely agree. That's why we've been going there for so long! Note that there was a period of time where their quality went down when ownership changed, but that era is over and they are back to being the best. So if it's been a while, be sure to stop in and get one of those delicious burgers. Great cocktails and beers too, and prices that can't be beat. There can be a long wait at times, but it's worth it even if you hate lines as much as we do. Nobody else even comes close to the flavor here! Don't miss it!