Ann Arbor, MI - 30 Passenger Party Bus

When you are traveling in the Ann Arbor area with our 30 passenger party bus, we'd love for you to check out a few of our favorite bars and restaurants in the 481003, 48104, 48105, 48106, 48107, 48108, 48109, and 48113 zip codes.


338 S State St - 734.996.0439

Ashley's is without a doubt our favorite pub in the entire Ann Arbor area. They have something like two hundred beers available, in draft and in bottles, and they represent all the best beers from around the world. From your favorite shades of Chimay to more unique lagers like Crooked Tree, they have it all. We love coming in to sample something new every time, and indulge in some of the most delicious tastes that you will find anywhere. The beer steamed mussels are one of the most indulgent things on the menu, and we love the sirloin and shrimp, but the simpler things like flatbread pizzas and loaded fries will also serve you very well here. Excellent service and just a wonderful overall dining and drinking experience!


422 Detroit St - 734.663.3354

Zingerman's Delicatessen is located in the Kerrytown neighborhood of Ann Arbor, and it's such a tradition to visit this deli every time we visit the area. They have everything you could ever crave here, from amazing baked goods to delectable chocolates and gelato, and you can even get your favorite gourmet olive oils here. As far as the sandwiches go, the corned beef is the most revered, and we can't seem to pass that one up no matter how many times we come in. Some say that it's a little expensive here, but it's on par with most great eateries in this city, and it's without a doubt worth every single penny. Try the traditional garlic pickles rather than the newer ones, and opt for the potato salad with gouda and bacon. You will love it!


2501 Jackson Ave - 734.663.3663

Zingerman's Roadhouse is just as great as the aforementioned deli, except here you get a full-on restaurant and bar experience! Everything on the menu is amazing, but we say the simplest thing is the best, which is the super sampler of burgers! You get five delicious sliders with different cheeses and fantastic fries on the side. So delish! The ribs are also amazing, and the macaroni and cheese is noteworthy too. So rich and creamy! You can't go wrong with any of the barbecued items here, and for dessert a nice cooling treat of gelato will really set off the meal just perfectly. Great service, very comfortable atmosphere, and prices that are affordable for the quality that you get! Very highly recommended anytime you visit Ann Arbor.


311 S Main St - 734.913.2730

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales is the perfect place to go if you appreciate a really fine upscale meal along with some of the best ales in the world. Let's talk about the food first. Our favorite thing here is the fire and smoke pizza. The name only hints at the wonderful flavors within, and when you pair it with their truffle fries, it's truly a match made in heaven. The JP burger is another one of our favorites, with delicious melted brie and crisp bacon. In terms of the beer, they have so many different kinds to choose from, but we tend to opt for the Bam Biere because the price is right and it's so fantastic! If you want to try something really unique (read: some won't like it!), try that spinach beer. You won't find that anywhere else!


120 W Washington St - 734.741.7325

Grizzly Peak Brewing Co is a real tradition in Ann Arbor, and we love to stop in every chance we get. We love that old style brick building, and the wonderful casual atmosphere that awaits within. They have outdoor seating that you'll really enjoy when the weather is good, and the inside is perfect for those chilly winter nights when nothing but a hot meal and a cold beer will do. The cheddar ale soup is probably our favorite thing here, and we love to nosh on their fabulous steak sandwiches and delicious barbecued ribs. They have a very nice beer selection here, and if you come in after 10:00 PM you will find some of the best beer specials around. Wonderful spot for lunch or dinner, or for a really great late night drink.


112 W Washington St - 734.769.2020

Cafe Zola is one of the most high quality and most unique restaurants that you will find anywhere within the city limits of Ann Arbor. We especially love coming in for brunch, to sample some of their delicious crepes, and those noteworthy omelettes too. So fluffy and delicious. We recommend the smoked salmon omelette the most! They have French press coffee here too, which is the perfect pairing with any breakfast or brunch selection. The Summer in Provence Salad is a wonderful choice for dinner, with a delicious homemade vinaigrette type dressing that you won't be able to get enough of. What really makes it so good is the goat cheese, fresh mushrooms, and roasted peppers. Very highly recommended!


307 S 5th Ave - 734.995.5060

If you love Middle Eastern food as much as we do, you really owe it to yourself to check out Jerusalem Garden in Ann Arbor. There's nothing better than walking into this cozy restaurant and ordering some of their delicious lentil soup on a blustery day. It warms the body and soul, thanks to the kind of high quality that you will not find at any modernized Middle Eastern restaurants! Their chicken shawarma is also a wonderful choice, with that fabulous melt-in-your-mouth texture that only shawarma can offer. They have spicy hommous here, which is a nice addition to any meal, and we also really love their chicken fattoush. You won't find a more affordable, or more filling, meal in Ann Arbor than this!


551 S Division St - 734.663.4590

Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger is just a small side-of-the-road kind of burger stand, but located in an old fashioned brick building, and it's a summer tradition to head over there with your friends and family to enjoy a great meal. The greasy hamburgers are nothing short of a tradition, and we especially enjoy the pepper ranch bullet burger. It comes on an onion roll which really adds a great kick. The onion rings are truly the best that we have ever had anywhere, and we've had a lot! We love the fact that they're not overly loaded with batter, just lightly done, old fashioned style. They've got your favorite bottled pops here and free water too, and for dessert you can't go wrong with their good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies! Always a fun time here!


314 E Liberty St - 734.662.1111

If you are seeking a really fine vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Ann Arbor, look no further than Seva Restaurant on E Liberty St. Our favorite item on their extensive menu would have to be the butternut squash enchiladas, and we also really enjoy the yam fries and their fantastic ravioli. They have wraps made with grilled vegetables and goat cheese that are also incredibly flavorful. You'll be surprised by the variety of flavors that they have here, especially for the soy-free and gluten-free crowd. Many have said that the yam fries at this location are the best in all of Ann Arbor, and though we like them at many places around here, we'd have a very hard time arguing with that! Delicious nachos and guacamole too! Don't miss this one.


117 W Washington St - 734.761.2882

If you are a lover of Cuban cuisine, do yourself an enormous favor and head over to Frita Batidos right now. Conveniently located in downtown Ann Arbor, you cannot beat the location nor the flavor. The ginger lime juice is amazing, and everybody loves the pulled pork sandwiches and the twice-fried plantains! Mmm. Delish. They also have a goat's milk latte that will really knock your socks off, and we love all of the Cuban sandwiches and wings. Though there are many items that we'd consider favorites on their menu, the one that really stands out is the coconut ginger rice. We just can't get enough of that. The service is superb and the atmosphere is memorable and comfortable. Do not miss this delicious slice of Cuba right here in Ann Arbor!